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BMP – Medium Profile Evaporators

A Symbol Of Excellence Since 1945

Bally Refrigeration offers a complete line of refrigeration products. From the smallest unit to the very largest,
Bally Refrigeration brings experience and commitment to the refrigeration industry - beginning with product
design and engineering, and continuing through manufacturing, sales and aftermarket support.

Designed and engineered to deliver many years of reliable, trouble-free performance Bally's complete line of quality
products and unsurpassed service support are the assurance of consistent customer satisfaction.

With many years of experience, Bally Refrigeration is the name the industry depends on for Quality and Value.

  • Exceptional Quality that results from an unwavering commitment to providing the finest in
     commercial refrigeration equipment through continuous product development and improvement.
  • Super Value that gives you Bally’s world of quality and service at a competitive price.
    Bally Refrigerator Maintenance and Repair Services.
    The refrigerator is probably the most used and important appliance in a commercial kitchen.
    The ability to store food without risking bacterial contamination. For many of us, our commercial
    refrigerator is something we don't truly appreciate until it's not working properly or doesn't work at all.
    Contact RepairUs for top commercial refrigeration repair technicians in GTA and surrounding cities.
    When your Bally commercial refrigerator malfunctions, it can have a significant impact on your daily business
    operation. In some cases, a faulty refrigerator results in thousands of dollars in spoiled food. Even worse, this 
    can lead to your customer eating spoiled or contaminated food. That can be resulting in a bout of food poisoning.
    BEZ – Indoor/Outdoor Air Cooled Scroll Condensing Units
    Bally Commercial Refrigerator Repair Services by Best Refrigeration Services in GTA and surrounding cities
    A faulty refrigerator is a significant blow to your business operation. Beyond the product losses and stop your functional
    At Repairus Commercial refrigeration repair services
    We understand how difficult it can be to operate business with out a refrigerator. That's why we provide emergency
    quick service, efficient repairs with minimal interruption to your daily business operation. Our licensed & experienced
    refrigerator mechanics can often perform same day diagnosis and repairs for many common issues. If the repair takes
    longer or requires a new part to be ordered, we do our best solve the problem as quickly as possibly.
    We Provide comprehensive diagnostic and repair services for all wide variety of commercial common refrigerator issue, 
    including compressor replacement, compressor problem, malfunctioning thermostat, power issues, leaks, temperature issues, 
    too col, too warm, cycling issues, loud noises and more. 
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