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Expert Walk-in Freezer Repair Services

Need a walk-in freezer or cooler repair service?

With  20+ years of experience in the commercial refrigeration industry, at Repairus technicians guarantee quick and efficient maintenance, repair and installation with minimal disruptions to your business operations. We understand the your value of time. Our Technicians will do all to make sure the maintenance, repair or installation are complicated efficiently in as no time. Repairus make sure you are 100% satisfied, also provide warranty and all kinds of repair and troubleshooting if needed.

Commercial walk-in freezer or fridge maintenance and common issues                                                                        

  • Defrost Timer Replacement                                   
  • Strange freezer sounds.                                         
  • Freezer not cooling.                 
  • Freezer doesn’t work 
  • Freezer not freezing all shelves
  • Freezer doesn’t hold temperature
  • Strange freezer noise
  • Frost built-up in freezer
  • Freezer is too hot
  • Freezer power issue
  • Freezer fan is not spinning
  • Freezer not freezing food
  • Freezer not closing properly
  • Condensation in freezer
  • Freezer is leaking water
  • Food not frozen in freezer
  • Freezer not closing properly
  • Broken freezer light
  • Inconcictent temperature   





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