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Emergency Repair Service

Seven days a week, 24-hour emergency refrigeration repair service in the greater Toronto area & surrounding cities.

Let’s face it when your refrigerator breaks down; it’s far more than just an inconvenience. With thousands of dollars of inventory sitting in your refrigerator & freezer, the time clock starts ticking when your fridge stops cooling. We at Repairus understand the urgency of the situation as no other and will work our absolute hardest to get your fridge or cooling system back up and running.
Our technicians carry the most extensive inventory of common refrigerator repair parts in the area to provide same-day refrigerator repair whenever possible.
(647) 946-5188
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Call our qualified Commercial fridge repair experts (647) 946-5188 or live us a message.

Contact Us Today

Call our qualified Commercial fridge repair experts
(647) 946-5188 or live us a message.


Common commercial refrigerator issues to look out for

If you’re dealing with any of the following problems, we encourage you to contact our experts at Repairus. (647) 946-5188

Your refrigerator is leaking water

Is your refrigerator leaking? If it is, it could mean that you have a clogged drain hose or a defrost drain opening. It could also be that the gasket around the door is worn.

There is fluid in your fresh food compartments

Do you have fluid in your fresh food compartments? If you do, it could be the result of old or damaged door seals. Examine your seals, and call our experts for a replacement.

There is excessive frost in the freezer

Does your freezer work a little too well? It could mean that the defrost system is faulty or the evaporator fan motor needs to be replaced. Call our experts for an accurate diagnosis and solution to the problem.

Your refrigerator stopped running

Did your refrigeration system stop working altogether? The first thing to check is the thermostat. The chances are that it needs to be replaced. Call our emergency repair service to get the job done quickly, so your inventory doesn’t go to waste.

Your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly

If your refrigerator is having trouble maintaining its temperature, the thermostat, door gasket, or blocked drain could all be to blame. Ask one of our experts to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.

Your refrigerator is making strange noises.

Is your cooling unit making strange or loud noises? If it is, it could indicate that the compressor motor is failing or the fan is wearing out. Get in touch with our customer service to get a replacement!

Maintain your refrigeration system with the utmost care.

When your commercial refrigeration system fails, it can have terrible results for your inventory and business. One of the most common parts to fail is the door gasket, as commercial refrigerators get so much use. Ensure to check the seals and gaskets annually as part of your maintenance routine, or ask one of our technicians to do it for you.

Our number one priority is your complete satisfaction!

Repairus is a well-established, licensed company within the commercial and industrial refrigeration & HVAC industry. Based in Toronto, Ontario, since 1997, we’ve been committed to providing lightning-fast emergency repair services, high-quality craftsmanship, and extraordinary customer care. If you need replacement parts and licensed experts to install them, then Repairus is the company you need. Get in touch with us today!

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Residential Refrigeration Services

24-HOUR Commercial Refrigeration Emergency Repair Service

We don’t just swap parts! You can count on our licensed experts to diagnose the problem accurately and their advice to get your refrigeration system back up and running. Each Repairus technician is well-trained and versed in dealing with cooling emergencies.

Not sure whether your situation is an emergency? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our emergency technicians, and they’ll be able to assess the urge of the matter through the phone.

Repairus 24-hour emergency service is available in the Greater Toronto Area GTA Ontario & surrounding cities such as Toronto, Downtown Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga, Brampton, York, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Newmarket, Guelf, Halton Hills, Orangeville, Whitby, King City, Bradford, Schomberg, Stouffville, Bolton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Caledon, Scarborough, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Thornhill, East York, Concord, Georgetown, Oakville, Milton, Burlington & Hamilton.

In addition to our emergency repair services, Repairus offers custom-made industrial and commercial refrigeration systems that allow us to control and monitor the status of your equipment. The best way to solve an emergency is to prevent it. Our licensed technicians will attend to all your cooling needs and make sure that your equipment is always up to par. Feel a clean surge of security knowing your refrigeration system is monitored and cared for. More information about our custom-made equipment? Call our licensed experts! We’ll be happy to help.

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Call our qualified Commercial fridge repair experts (647) 946-5188 or live us a message.